• Tropical Gardens

    Tropical Gardens

    An abundance of color from tropical foliage

  • Make an Entrance

    Make an Entrance

    Beautify your entryway and add curb appeal

  • Xeriscapes


    An eclectic mix of water-wise plants

  • Poolscapes


    Make a splash in your backyard garden

  • Butterfly Gardens

    Butterfly Gardens

    Colorful flowers and flying friends

  • Small Gardens

    Small Gardens

    make a big impact in a small space

  • Private Retreats

    Private Retreats

    Escape to your own private hideaway

Greener Gardens...

by designing with nature

Greener Gardens...


FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional

For over fourteen years, The Green Man has been providing professional gardening and landscaping services exclusively for residences in Broward County, Florida. Our trained and certified horticulturists specialize in designing and creating beautiful, low-maintenance, sustainable gardens and maintaining them with industry best management practices.

Please Note: We do NOT provide Lawn Maintenance (mowing) services.

What We Do

our services


Landscape Design

Design and creation of low-maintenance gardens, tropical landscapes, xeriscapes, butterfly gardens, and wildlife habitats


Horticultural Consultation

Consultation on plant care, culture, pests, diseases, problems, and maintenance issues for homeowners



Installation and refurbishment of residential landscapes including proper planting of trees, palms, shrubs, and flowering plants, etc…


Landscape Maintenance

Care and maintenance of trees, palms, tropical fruit trees, flowering shrubs, tropicals, bedding plants and annuals, including trimming, fertilization, mulching, disease and pest management.

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