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Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD) has been confirmed at the UF-IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center in Davie in a cluster of sabal palms.  We want to alert all green industry professionals regarding this very important development.  Sabal palm are our state tree and need to be monitored for signs of infection and disease development.  The first clue is the appearance of more dead lower leaves in the canopy than would be normal due solely to natural senescence or nutrient deficiencies. The second clue is death of the spear leaf, prior to death of all other leaves in the canopy. Eventually,

the palm canopy will collapse around the trunk as the bud decays. As cabbage palms die (for various reasons), the leaves will typically appear to have a bronze or reddish-brown appearance. Later, these discolored leaves become more gray-brown in color. See photos below courtesy of Dr. Monica Elliot. 

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Sensory Gardens are designed to stimulate the senses by providing ways to interact with and enjoy your garden beyond just the visual beauty. Special elements, such as sculptural forms, unique structural and interactive materials and human-enjoyable plants are included in a sensory garden which allow visitors to see, touch, smell, hear, and taste their environment. Sensory gardens are also a fantastic tool for therapy work with the disabled or handicapped.

The videos below will introduce you to the Basics of Sensory Gardens



A brief guide to Sensory Gardens is available for free download here.


Some of the items you may find in a sensory garden are:

Fragrant Flowers

Interesting Fruit

Structures and textures

Water Features

Hummingbird and fountain
TJ Gehling / / CC BY-NC-ND


Sculpture, East End Campus, John Wheatley College, Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow
jisc_infonet / / CC BY-NC-ND

The book below covers using Sensory gardens as a therapy aid

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Trending Thursday: Garden Trends 2014 Whitepaper Revealed.


Restoring Balance in Life and the Garden

Garden Media Group Unveils Top Lifestyle & Garden Trends for 2014

Balance of work and play make for a happy life, and the same can be said for life in the garden. People are now seeking enjoyment in quality of life as the economy continues to improve, and chic outdoor décor and essential greenery will be balancing gardens in 2014.


This time around, though, frivolity and wasteful spending are out. “Consumers are vowing to restore balance to their lives,” says Susan McCoy, trend spotter and president of Garden Media Group. “People are determined to be happy again, but not at the expense of what’s important in their lives. They are being thoughtful in their actions and mindful of their impact on the economy, their locale, and the environment.”



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Bamboo SunsetThe Green Man has been creating meditative, zen, and relaxation gardens for more than 2o years. A quiet contemplative space is just what most people need after a stress filled week at the office.

It seems that the green industry is now catching up to what many of us have been practicing in our personal lives for many years.

The gardening industry is starting out 2014 on a strong note; this year has been dubbed the year of mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness is named one of the top ten trends that will shape the world this year.

People are growing weary of being constantly connected to their digital screens.

They want a way to detox, to unwind and rediscover peace, and this movement is spreading quickly.

Happiness is being redefined, and gardening fits into the mindfulness movement perfectly.


No matter what path you take, whether it is prayer, Zen, Vipassana, Shambhala, or another form of formal meditation, a garden is a great place to practice.

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How aware are plants? This is the central question behind a fascinating new book, “What a Plant Knows,” by Daniel Chamovitz, director of the Manna Center for Plant Biosciences at Tel Aviv University. A plant, he argues, can see, smell and feel. It can mount a defense when under siege, and warn its neighbors of trouble on the way. A plant can even be said to have a memory. But does this mean that plants think — or that one can speak of a “neuroscience” of the flower?





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The Advantages of Mulching | Home Guides | SF Gate.Mulched Bed

Mulch prevents weeds from growing in a planting bed.

Mulch not only beautifies planting beds with an attractive layer of material over bare soil, it also has several positive benefits, such as making garden maintenance easier while improving the health of your plants. Organic mulching materials, like straw, wood chips, leaves and grass clippings, offer the greatest benefits.

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A highly-contagious form of fungus sometimes called Panama disease has devastated crops in Asia, and has now been found in Mozambique. It sounds like a joke, but this pandemic is deadly serious and could affect the world’s fruit supply.


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The New York Times: A Landscape in Your Pocket.

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