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With the recent dry weather we are having, I have noticed a marked increase in Croton plants infested with Croton Scale (Phalacrococcus howertoni)


The scale seems to be most destructive when plants are stressed from lack of water or hot direct sun. This is especially evident when the Crotons have been recently planted.
The insect infestation can be difficult to spot at first, blackened branches and defoliation are usually the first signs of trouble. When the leaves start dropping, the outbreak is already quite severe.


Once the insect has become established it quickly spreads to other plants in the area, and will kill most Crotons if left untreated.
Scale Treatment suggestions are available from the UF IFAS Extension website, or contact your garden pest control professional.

This video lists 70 species of plants which are affected by Croton Scale.


An example of the beautiful tropical plants that can be a part of your landscape by The Green Man.


Croton ‘Mrs. Iceton’


Neoregelia ‘Allure’


Orthosiphon ‘Cat’s Whiskers’


Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’


Copperleaf ‘Bourbon Street’


How to build a fire pit for $125.00

This ain’t any old patio fire pit. This addition to our backyard cost $125 AND only took 30 minutes to put together. Not even kidding.wp-1460822763684.jpg

Apr 12

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Creating a budget is an important part of planning your landscaping project. “Everyone has a budget so it’s important to figure out what is important,” says Risa Edelstein, president of the Ecological Landscaping Association. “Focus on the functions or areas you’re going to use the most or which are driving you crazy and need to fix immediately.”




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Ardisia macrocarpa 'Mystique' is blooming now.

Ardisia macrocarpa 'Mystique' is blooming now.
Ardisia macrocarpa 'Mystique' is blooming now.  – The Green Man Garden & Landscape Inc. – Google+

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