Horticultural Consultation

a helping hand when you need it

Let The Green Man assist you with your home landscaping problems and questions. With over 22 years of hands-on landscaping experience in Broward county, combined with current industry certifications and up-to-date knowledge of pests and other plant problems we can save you time and money and reduce the guesswork often involved with diagnosing and treating garden plant problems.

Sound Advice

Solving plant problems requires more than  just spraying them with insecticides to fix them. Typically, an insect or disease problem is a symptom of poor plant culture, and the problem is not the plant, but the location in which it was planted. Each plant species has its own unique cultural requirements for healthy growth, and many problems can be corrected by either amending the soil, adjusting the amount of water or sunlight the plant receives, or providing the plant with the proper nutrients. A properly selected plant which is chosen to match the location will be more vigorous than a plant chosen for aesthetics alone.


On-site horticultural consultations are billed at $50.00 per hour.  This can include a site inventory, general cultural recommendations for the ongoing care of your landscape plants and individualized recommendations for each plant species if needed.

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