• Lakeside Garden Lakeside Garden
    Lakeside Patio
    We designed this small lakeside patio and the surrounding landscape plantings to give the homeowner a larger patio for entertaining. Although the patio takes up …

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  • Weston Front Weston Front
    Weston Landscape
    This owner of this home in Weston wanted a colorful butterfly garden in the front yard, and a tropical outdoor room in the small back …

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  • I'll buy a smart watch when the Swiss make one.

  • Bromeliads and Junipers https://t.co/oVVufcI002 http://t.co/I9jRWZITk9

  • http://t.co/a2jwxqWeGs

  • RT @FloridaGrower: New Virus Detected In South Florida Tomatoes http://t.co/F8xyoxFaeJ #CropProtection

  • RT @ThatLeeGuy: "Bachelor's degree in social media... from an accred uni is required.” AKA How to not hire the best. AKA Not somewhere yo…

  • Join us in supporting this worthy cause on Earth Day 2015 https://t.co/s1sZBZssda http://t.co/6GqA1aTCR6

  • Have a thoughtful Earth Day https://t.co/fnPlrKpnin http://t.co/12GvH5aNNB

  • @voltlighting is giving away a landscape lighting kit! Check it out. #giveaway #landscapelighting http://t.co/ZTFnkKVoEz

  • akihisa hirata architecture office models kotoriku from the city grid https://t.co/mrzv7QjHCU http://t.co/ypc4BWKFWZ

  • The GO! Hammock: Amazingly Comfortable, Durable & Portable by GO! Outfitters — Kickstarter https://t.co/fyXkpxgfK0 http://t.co/Q91L8rar5i

  • I just backed The GO! Hammock: Amazingly Comfortable, Durable & Portable on @Kickstarter http://t.co/dDGSYgpg2H

  • URGENT! Job-killing #FastTrack bill introduced. Tell your Rep #NoFastTrack for the #TPP: http://t.co/x0TLOEgv8c

  • @ScoutAlarm Glad to be moving beyond ADT and their shady tactics. Waiting for my @ScoutAlarm to arrive.

  • RT @RnfrstAlliance: Throw your big "eco-questions" at us during our #EarthDay Twitter party! http://t.co/NK7fU9PE6t #RAEarthDay http://t.co…

  • @journeydan thanks for mentioning LG OP G on AAA, I had one for 23 months

  • Bromeliad garden https://t.co/QUtmSvMh18 http://t.co/nEmRGfHwEt

  • RT Florida wildlife officials say some people trying to help gopher tortoises have… https://t.co/lXaVsXvAWn http://t.co/zICwPn2kWK

  • Black and White Poolscape https://t.co/Yqz4CzcQBc http://t.co/LZjV9q6kFG

  • Poolscaping with palms and tropicals. https://t.co/wOLC4UxNB6 http://t.co/pzO1wFI16Y

  • Bromeliad flowers https://t.co/hi2snWCEiW http://t.co/UIDtY3Gczs