• Lakeside Garden Lakeside Garden
    Lakeside Patio

    We designed this small lakeside patio and the surrounding landscape plantings to give the homeowner a larger patio for entertaining. Although the patio takes up …

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  • Weston Front Weston Front
    Weston Landscape

    This owner of this home in Weston wanted a colorful butterfly garden in the front yard, and a tropical outdoor room in the small back …

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  • http://t.co/2s2aelH5EU http://t.co/HuaBgZ44s2

  • From G+ : How to Create Your Own Monarch Butterfly Rest Stop -A National Geographic Film…. http://t.co/0pKb46pz4y http://t.co/JYcR5pVz2d

  • Why use GCadPlus? http://t.co/kPVZQUeeLM

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  • @susanlmorrison Looks good. What software are you using? did you design the plant blocks yourself? http://t.co/mP5OBHTBCa

  • RT @fozzylady: Please @FosterJ8 !! How To Build An Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe Garden Table http://t.co/olv3MNN144”

  • @pancakeapp do you have any plans to add pay with Amazon to pancakeapp?

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  • @pancakeapp @ThatLeeGuy https://t.co/Wx6PKR3eks See #5

  • https://t.co/Wx6PKR3eks

  • @ThatLeeGuy http://t.co/39YfORdhwB

  • @ThatLeeGuy typically early payment within a few days gets a 2% discount, while late fees over 30 days incur a 1.5% fee.

  • @ThatLeeGuy I don't think so, it would be a system-wide setting, that could be applied on a per-client basis. Opposite of a late charge.

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  • Wishing there was a #pancakeapp #plugin to offer early payment discounts. Pay within X days receive X discount

  • @pancakeapp hey guys any news about community site or forum? I have questions for plugin devs but cant find them :-(

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