FCHPSince 1999, The Green Man has been providing professional gardening and landscaping services exclusively for residences in Broward County, Florida. Our trained and certified horticulturists specialize in designing and creating beautiful, low-maintenance, sustainable gardens and maintaining them with industry best management practices.

Crafting custom designs for low-maintenance gardens, lush tropical landscapes, water-wise xeriscapes, botanical collection gardens, butterfly, bird, and wildlife friendly habitats

ConsultationConsulting on plant care, culture, pests, diseases, problems, and maintenance issues for homeowners. 


Tropical landscape renovationsRenovating and refurbishing residential gardens and landscapes including proper planting of trees, palms, shrubs, and flowering plants, etc…

Tropical GardensProviding care and maintenance of trees, palms, tropical fruit trees, flowering shrubs, tropicals, bedding plants and annuals, including trimming, fertilization, mulching, disease and pest management.