Payments Policy

This policy governs how we collect your information and process payments for  The Green Man Garden & Landscape. Please read it carefully as it sets out your rights with respect to your projects payments, including important limitations and exclusions. Your signing of a contract constitutes your agreement that this policy applies to the order.


All invoice payments are due upon receipt, or according to the terms set forth within the invoice. Payments more than 15 days past due are subject to a 1.5% monthly service fee. Payments more than 90 days past due will be sent to collection and may incur additional collection fees. If you are not fully satisfied with your service, you can get your money back according to the terms and conditions set forth within the Refund Policy.

Payment Gateways

Braintree is our main gateway, but you may use PayPal as an alternative for payables. Below is a list of the gateways and what you should expect as the descriptor in your card statement.

Gateway Description
Braintree Our main gateway. Charges appear on your statement as The Green Man Garden & Landscape
PayPal Optional gateway. Charges appear on your statement as The Green Man Garden%Landscape. You will be sent to PayPal’s secure payment page to complete payment and sent back to your system upon completion of payment.

Gateway Information

Braintree can be contacted by calling (877) 434-2894 or emailing

PayPal can be contacted by visiting the contact page or disupte a transaction.